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Heinous Amish Rush is a strategy game with a rather simple concept; get your soldiers to the other side of the map and defend your own side using a variety of different units to overpower and outsmart your opponent. You can play in either: ‘Story mode’- survive for 4 waves to win; or you can play in ‘Versus mode’-play against your friend on the same computer.


Heinous Amish Rush is currently a university project I am working on but due to limited time it is currently a work in progress and has many features/content to be added. Current features include:

  • 2 Different game types
  • Story mode (wave based)
  • Versus (death match type gameplay)
  • 3 different units to choose from
  • Basic sounds and background soundtrack
  • Amish theme
  • Up to 2 players (versus)


Platform: Windows7
Price: FREE!!
Release Date: 23/06/2014
Version: AlphaV1.4

Contact Information

You can contact me at my student email for any requests/suggestions:Austin.Bowen@mediadesign.school.nz


Hey, my name is Austin Bowen and I am studying at Media Design School in New Zealand. I am currently working on my Bachelor of Creative Technologies in my first year (Game Art) and Heinous Amish Rush is one of my first projects. It is still very much a work in progress but I hope to take in the feedback I get from this game and use it to make my future projects and games even better.

Install instructions

Run the Executable


Heinous Amish Rush.exe 46 MB